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This preparation embrace two groups of substances.

The first group includes the substances extracted from healing plants: grass, bushes, trees. They are powerful herbaceous concentrated products from South America, Europe and Asia. Though they were used for centuries by ancestors to increase sexual good health, a lot of these components were only recently found by the modern scientists!

Every component has been specifically choosing for its long use in traditional societies. For example, many organic herbs have deserved reputation of the bearers of additional energy. They strengthen libido and raise levels of testosterone for increasing of sperm making.

Some Brazilian herbs strengthen the libido and nourish the body and increase healthy sexual function, help with erectile dysfunction and increase libido and work as aphrodisiacs.

The others are also prime tonics for increasing general health and mental weariness. Some natural ingredients help to support health of a prostate and hormonal production.

Pine extract can increase men's nitric oxide production, as it is responsible for a male sexual reaction, it may be used in treating erectile dysfunction. Many of them contain potent antioxidants and bioflavonoids that provide support to the health of the whole cardiovascular men's system. Some herbs may actually help to stabilize blood pressure and break down cholesterol and fat accumulation in the body. The common Cranberry is an effective remedy for reducing or treating urinary diseases. It also may be efficient for men with enlarged prostates. A wild oat straw extract is used to augment strength, intellect, soul and body. It also assists in genital arousal.

As for Sarsaparilla, this herb has diuretic and tonic characteristics and may help in the therapy of infertility, impotence and urinary problems.

The second group includes the chemical substances.

These are amino acids and vitamins.

All of them impact on a sexual health of the person.

If you take these supplements the volume of sperm doubles, fertility improves Some explorers consider that these supplements increase produced sperm, stimulate testosterone production, and makes semen quality better by stimulating testosterone synthesis. They are most important for development and keeping the reproductive organs fit.